Maybe it’s Time for a Dedicated Home Office

By John Gillette, Craftsmanship by John Inc.

This home office serves double-duty with custom cabinets and a dedicated exercise area. Photo courtesy of Craftsmanship by John.

Working from home has become the new reality, and will likely continue to be a necessity going forward. For many, that means they must make-do with using space in their home that may be less than ideal, especially if you have more than one person working from home and children. (Hopefully you’re the one with the largest desk and most comfortable chair)!

In addition, our younger and college age children need spaces to do homework or remote learning. So, having a dedicated office and workspaces for them in your home is very important.

Working from home comes with its own challenges. Getting inspiration to enter “work mode” in your cozy home may be achieved by setting up a super comfortable, efficient workspace. You can do this by converting a room in your home, adding a home addition or building up and adding a second story.

Consider the following to make your office setup more pleasant and productive:

Soundproofing – needed so you can sound professional on the phone and have video conferences without disruptive external noises. It’s all about privacy and quiet.  If you enjoy working with music playing, purchasing high quality speakers may help with productivity while blocking out noises.

Storage – depending on your job, you may need dedicated storage for papers, sensitive documents or to lock up your equipment to keep away from prying eyes. Children on the other hand need organized spaces.

Lighting – set up your home office to get as much natural light as possible. It can help you feel good and may even boost your productivity. Add task lighting such as a soft light desk lamp for focus on specific activities and to prevent eye strain.

Furniture – an ergonomic chair for maximum lumbar support will help minimize back pain and let you focus. Custom cabinets will organize your space for better workflow and functionality.

Color – bright, stimulating colors are good for younger children. For example, a warm and inviting color such as orange can boost productivity while green, a cool color, can have a calming effect and aid in concentration.

Wi-Fi – having a solid internet and high-speed internet connection is necessary for any home office.

Smart Assistant – Alexa and Google Assistant can remind you of appointments, meetings and keep a to do list for you.

Investing in a home office setup is an investment in yourself. Your home office should be a space that you look forward to working in every day.