Common Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling Your Home

By Annette Bajema, Project Developer at Huntington Remodeling

Photo courtesy of Huntington Remodeling

Many of us are looking for ways to freshen things up in our homes, whether it be repurposing existing spaces, adding new spaces, or simply giving our most used spaces a much-needed refresh.

Before you get started on a new home project, learn some common remodeling mistakes and our tips for avoiding them!

Mistake #1: Looking to TV for your budget & timeline 

While home makeover shows can be a good source of inspiration/entertainment, they’re not a reliable source of information for real-world budgets or timelines. Their fictitious budgets and compressed timelines perpetuate wildly unrealistic expectations for homeowners.

We recommend researching the general costs of building materials and services in your area to form a basis of knowledge that allows you to start planning out a realistic budget and determine value in terms of cost vs. quality.

Mistake #2: Failing to identify the root of the problem(s)

Another common home remodeling mistake is understanding your motivation is the key to a successful remodel. Are you unhappy with your space because you find the space bland, or is the problem a bit more complex?

To get to the root, simply ask yourself “Why?”

For example: This kitchen is not working for me. Why? Well, there’s not enough space. Why? The island is too big. Why? It provides much of the kitchen storage. Why? Because there’s not enough cabinet space. 

Now, you’ve identified your specific problem: you need more storage. So, while painting the cabinetry and replacing the countertops would brighten the space, those updates would not address the core issue. 

Mistake #3: Chasing trends instead of discovering your personal style

When starting a remodel, we recommend homeowners begin by looking inward. What colors bring you joy? What styles are you consistently drawn to? Discovering an aesthetic that genuinely resonates with you, beyond what’s on-trend or “great for re-sale value” is key. After all, the trends will always change, but personal style is forever!

Once you’ve identified a few key design elements and styles that suit you, now we suggest looking outward for supporting imagery.

Mistake #4: Not communicating with your project team

Like with all relationships, communication is key to their success. Design is very personal, especially on a custom level, so it’s best to have clear and open communication with your team. The more your team knows, the better they can ensure the end result meets your expectations. Remember, they’re not mind readers!

Mistake #5: Introducing “scope creep”

“Scope creep” is the term used when the project wish list grows as the remodel progresses. This can be incredibly costly and frustrating both for you and your team, as substantial changes from the original scope will cause delays in your project.

If you find yourself getting caught up in the excitement of it all, take a step back to reflect on your initial goals. Try to stick to the original scope as best you can to minimize delays and ensure a smoother process.

Keep these tips in mind, along with a positive attitude, and you’ll be enjoying the results of your remodel soon enough!